Today was a rainy day in Issaquah and we did not feel like going out to eat, so we decided to get a pizza delivered.  We have been wanting to try Frankie’s on Gillman for awhile.  They had a daily special of $3 off 18inch XL pizza.

We ordered half cheese and half sausage.  Total cost including delivery (not including tip) of the pizza came out to be $24.35.  The delivery took about 40

minutes (they promised 45 min. so faster than we expected) and they do deliver to Issaquah Highlands.  Kids honestly thought it was better than Zeek’s Pizza and better than Mod.  I’m partial to Mod’s veggies, but the crust was thicker, but not as thick and doughy as Zeek’s.  It was a hearty pizza with good flavor and plenty of cheese.  Still it does not live up to Pagliacci’s, but a good option to have in Issaquah.

1420 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA 98027


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