Mod Pizza Issaquah

After our championship basketball game last week, we headed over to Mod Pizza in Issaquah Highlands.  We didn’t really have a team celebration, but we were in the mood for some pizza.  My kids go to Mod Pizza a lot, but it has been close to a year since I’ve been to Mod.  During their grand opening, we enjoyed the photo booth that they had.  I like the interior of the Mod Pizza, it’s comfy and utilitarian. Great for small to large groups to gather and enjoy pizza together.   I ordered a “mini” size with sausage, green peppers, red onion, pepperocini, and Arugula.  One kiddo ordered just plain cheese “Mod” size and my older son ordered bacon and onions.  The great thing about Mod Pizza is that the pizza and salads can have unlimited number of toppings.  We all loved our pizza.  With all the fresh veggies, my pizza tasted fantastic!

We also got a strawberry shake, chocolate shake and I got a mix of their ice teas and lemonade to make my own version of Arnold Palmer drink.  Their blackberry iced tea was quite tasty.  The only gripe that I had was that the Arugula that they put on after the pizza was cooked was wilted and brown.  I just took it off and ate my pizza.  I like that Mod Pizza is super fast, I think that is the reason why the crust has to be so thin.  This is great news for low carb lovers, but I wish it was slightly thicker with more substance.

I will go back soon to enjoy some more pizza and drinks.  Thank you Mod crew for being in the neighborhood!


Mini Pizza: $4.47

Mod Pizza: $7.47

Milk Shake: $3.56


Mod Pizza Issaquah Highlands 

1568 Highlands Dr NE, Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 313-4663


Sunday – Thursday  10:30 – 9

Friday & Saturday 10:30 – 10

Mod Pizza Issaquah


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