Why don’t we have Pagliacci Pizza in Issaquah?  It’s our favorite pizza in Seattle and loved by many.

I reached out to Ruth over at Pagliacci headquarters awhile ago.  Here is her response:


“Pagliacci is not a franchise, we are a family owned business.

We have looked at Issaquah in the past, and it is still on our radar—hopefully someday!”

I hope at least a delivery center can open soon, but a sit down Pagliacci Pizza restaurant would be even better. I hope they hurry.  In the meantime, we will enjoy their pizza in Bellevue.

Please send email to them to help the process.

Email to:  ruthc@pagliacci.com

Here are Paggliacci’s Eastside locations for now:

Bellevue Square 563 Bellevue Square

Bellevue (Crossroads) 15238 Bel-Red Road (delivery center)

Bellevue (Main St) 8-100th Ave. NE

Kirkland (Bridle Trails) 13005 NE 70th Place

Kirkland (Juanita) 11640 98th Ave. NE (delivery center)